If you ever have to leave your dog on it’s own, it’s good to have some games ready to keep your dog entertained indoors. Here at Butcher’s, we’re sharing some of our favourite games to play inside with our dogs to help keep them (and us) entertained and exercised to ensuring their joints and brains stay healthy!


puppy playing with toy puzzle

Puzzle games for dogs

A great way to keep your dog entertained and stimulated is by giving them puzzle games to play with. You can order them online or alternatively you can make your own! One of our favourite puzzle games is a simple one, all you need is some scissors, an empty box such as a cereal box and some treats. Cut some holes in the sides of the box, make sure they are in different places, the more holes the easier it is for your dog to get the treats out! Once you have cut your holes, place some treats or broken up treats inside the box. Your dog will have fun trying to shake the treats out through the holes or just ripping the box to get to them!

dog playing with tennis balls

Find the treat

Let your dog try out their sniffing talents to earn themselves a treat. Why not get three cups and hide a treat underneath one? Once they get the hang of the game, try mixing up the cups and letting them sniff out a tasty treat. If you have plenty of room, why not hide a treat or toy in another room and let them go exploring to find the treat.

Another great game to try is by grabbing a muffin or cupcake tray and some tennis balls, in the muffin tray fill some of the cups with treats and place a ball in each cup, your dog will have to work out which cup the treats are in and get the ball out. This is a great way of keeping your dog out of mischief and letting them practise finding scents. Here is our Superfan Hero giving the game a go!

dog corgi with a puzzle

Dinner time toys

To keep your dog entertained, why not try a toy or puzzle that means your four-legged friend has to work and play with to get their dinner. This will keep their minds mentally stimulated and they are rewarded with their delicious and nourishing dinner of Butcher’s!

You can order toys like a Kong but instead of treats, you can fill with their dinner. Watch our video to create a frozen Kong treat for your dog in summer!

If you can’t get hold of a toy or puzzle, why not ask your dog to demonstrate some of their tricks they know before giving them a treat or their food.

puppy playing with toy

No toys, no problem

If you are on the lookout for new toys to keep your dog entertained, then why not make some toys with bits you will have around the house. Another toy to make for your dog is also a bit of a puzzle game, all you need is a tennis ball and some treats. Cut a slit in the tennis ball, pop some treats inside and watch your dog play with the ball whilst trying to get out their tasty treats!

Another idea for a do-it-yourself toy is to get some old fabric, an old shirt would be perfect, a soft ball and some ribbon. Pop the ball inside the fabric, and wrap around the ball, tie the ribbon tight at the base of the ball after wrapping it several times. Cut the remaining fabric into strips and braid, your dog will love chewing on them too. For a step-by-step guide, read our blog on how to create your homemade toy, just like Superfan Dottie!

Tidy time

Now you have spent time playing with your furry friend, their toys may be all over the place, the forgotten ball from the last game of fetch or the squeaky toy that has rolled down the hall. Now is the time to invent a new game for your dog, get a basket or box and encourage your dog to bring you their toys and ‘drop it’, like fetch but they go into the basket. This game encourages you and your dog to tidy up, but your dog also learns that when you next bring out the basket, it is toy time! Just make sure they get plenty of praise when they bring you a toy!


We hope these ideas help you to keep your dog entertained indoors! Tag us in any photos on social media of you and your dog playing one of our indoor games or share your game ideas! #KeepTailsWagging #NourishEveryDog



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