09th July 2021


Here at Butcher’s, we love making tasty nourishing food for dogs to keep them happy and healthy. We’re also committed to caring for our environment.

We’ve swapped the plastic shrink-wrap packaging from our tin multi-packs for recyclable cardboard and this Plastic Free July, we’re sharing our top sustainable swaps so you and your four-legged friend can be more planet friendly too.

1. Eco-friendly entertainment

Keep your dog entertained with eco-friendly toys. Not only are they better for the planet, but safer for your dog than most plastic toys.

We love Green & Wilds’ natural, renewable, and recyclable toys; from animals and food-themed toys to bones and rope balls, there is something for every dog.

And if your dog has more toys than you know what to do with, you could gift some to another four-legged friend or donate to less fortunate dogs who are cared for by animal charities and rescues.

2. Sustainable collars and leads for walkies

It’s walkies time! Your dog should wear an ID tag when out and about in public, whether that’s on a collar or a harness, and keeping them on a lead helps to keep them safe by your side.

There are lots of options for making a sustainable swap when it comes to these important pup products. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly harness or a smart collar and lead made from recycled materials, it’s sure to get your four-legged friend’s tail wagging.

3. Compostable poop bags

Clearing up after your dog is a must, but with approximately 500 million poop bags used globally every year*, that’s a lot of plastic waste that can’t be decomposed.

Compostable poop bags are a step towards reducing your carbon pawprint. They degrade quickly and safely when composted correctly. Just reach out to your local council to find out how to do this.

4. Walkies with sustainable wellies

With the Great British weather, wellies are an all-year-round essential to keep your feet dry when out for walkies with your four-legged friend. But with many wellies being made from PVC, there can be a lot of plastic waste.

Make a sustainable swap to wellies that are made from sustainably sourced materials, like from Evercreatures; not only do they have lots of designs to choose from but their wellies are made with natural rubber, with 100% recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. ‘Paw-fect’ for muddy walks, whilst caring for the environment.

5. Planet friendly pampers

Pampering your furry friend after a long walk of exploring can be an eco-friendly activity too. Using a shampoo that is made from natural ingredients and comes in plastic-free packaging will keep both your dog and the planet happy and clean, so is a great sustainable swap.

Why not try a pet shampoo bar from Mountain Garden Botanics? Made with 100% natural ingredients and nourishing oils, it’ll help to keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny (just like our Joints & Coat range).

6. Sustainable snoozes

After a full day of playing and long walkies, your dog needs somewhere cosy to curl up and snooze. Do your bit for the environment by opting for a stylish and sustainable dog bed.

Made from repurposed materials, such as plastic water bottles, Project Blu’s beds are so soft that it’s sure to be a ‘paws up’ from your four-legged friend.

7. A natural bowlful

Feed your dog their naturally, nourishing food in a bowl made from natural materials. For a sustainable swap that reduces your plastic usage, consider bamboo bowls. They are biodegradable, less likely to collect bacteria than plastic bowls and are sustainable, with less water and land needed to make them compared to most other options. Plus, they are made to last, helping you to reduce waste.

8. Reduce your carbon pawprint

This might just be your four-legged friend’s favourite sustainable swap!

Choose to walk to places that you’d usually drive to. Not only is walking better for the environment than driving, but it’s fantastic for your physical and mental health.

Your dog will enjoy walking somewhere new, with plenty of new smells along the way. Just remember, if you’re walking to a shop or somewhere else that your pup can’t go in, bring a friend on the walk too so your dog isn’t left alone.

9. Green shopping swaps

When you pop into the supermarket for your Butcher’s Food for Dogs, don’t forget to pack your reusable shopping bags.

This is a popular swap as, according to The Guardian, there was 59% less use of single-use plastic carrier bags last year, helping to keep our planet clean. Reusable bags tend to be sturdier so this sustainable swap means you can treat your four-legged friend to more tasty food without worrying about the bag breaking on the walk home.

Top tip: keep your reusable bags by the front door so you don’t forget them on your way out!

10. Food full of good stuff in planet friendly packaging

Finally, but importantly, you’re already doing your bit for the environment by choosing Butcher’s Nourishing Food for Dogs. We made a sustainable swap by replacing plastic shrink-wrap with recyclable cardboard, which has saved up to 92 tonnes of plastic a year. Our recyclable cardboard is FSC certified: sourced from managed sustainable forests, where harvested trees are always replanted.

Our tins, foil trays and new treats range packaging are recyclable too so they can be easily and sustainably turned into new materials, like even more tins for Butcher’s tasty recipes!

As well as eco-friendly packaging, we’ve recently embarked on a sustainability project in our factory, which is helping us to reduce our carbon pawprint, saving 150 tonnes of carbon every year. It’s also helping us to generate 85% of our own electricity.

By buying Butcher’s, you’re helping us to continue to care for the planet. Find out more here.



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