We believe that EVERY dog deserves naturally, nourishing food every day. Not just our four-legged friends who have families, but those dogs in homes, shelters and rescue centres too, being looked after by a fantastic army of volunteers a lot of the time. These charities rely heavily on donations to feed the dogs in their care… this is where we’re happy to help. We work with many charities across Great Britain and support them by donating our nourishing dog food. Our #NourishEveryDog campaign has been so successful, with the support of our Butcher’s pack we’ve donated 2 million meals to dogs in need.

2 Million meals donated

You’ve already helped us to donate 2 million meals to dogs in need since we launched our #NourishEveryDog campaign in 2019. The deserving charities love accepting Butcher’s food for their dogs so much, that we want to keep donating!

We need your help to keep our mission going

Help us to donate our tasty Butcher’s meals to less-fortunate dogs in charities across Great Britain. Please use the #NourishEveryDog hashtag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

some of the charities
benefitting from your support

Every Dog Deserves To Be Nourished

During the start of our #NourishEveryDog campaign, Cheshire dogs charity filmed this lovely short video to show us and our dog owners what a difference the donations were making to them and their dogs.

“The nutrition and quality of Butcher’s dog food are vital for the dogs we look after on the streets. Not only do they benefit the dog’s health but also their general well being. Quite a few of the dogs we look after refuse to eat anything else!”

Michelle, Founder of Dogs on the Street, London

“When someone regularly puts the best food they have ever tasted in front of them, they become a different dog. Every scrap is licked from every bowl, every meal. Butcher’s donations have helped enormously – we are able to spend more money on veterinary care.”

Gillian Daghistani, Founder and Chair, Wolfie’s Legacy

“Butcher’s donations have helped us enormously. They’ve taken the strain off us to locate food because of the shortage of donations. It is really good quality food, and the dogs love it – especially the one with Tripe.”

Rose Milne,, Second Chance Animal Rescue

“I still can’t believe how kind Butcher’s are. It was mind-blowing to see that lorry pull up filled with food for the dogs, our eyes filled with tears!”

Sue James, Area Coordinator, Dobermann Welfare

“Such an amazing amount of food will certainly keep the kennels and foster people going for months. I’m gobsmacked at your generosity.”

Laura Davies, Employee at the Kennels, RSPCA

“Just received your amazingly generous donation of dog food for both RSPCA Northumberland West and RSPCA Newcastle and North Northumberland. At a time like this I really can’t explain enough how much we appreciate it.”

Joanne Turner, Volunteer, Japanese Akita Welfare Trust

“Our delivery arrived today and I must say how blown away we all are by your amazing generosity. We can’t put in to words how thankful we are, this is absolutely amazing.”

Angela Simpson , Volunteer and Trustee, NANNA Animal Rescue

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