This year has taken some strange twists and turns. As a result, we’ve spent more time than ever at home in uncertainty, but of one thing we can be sure; our dogs have been faithfully by our sides, always there for a cuddle when we’ve needed them most.

So, as the year draws to a close, we thought it only right to celebrate some of our favourite four-legged tales and feel-good moments. This is for all of our furry friends who have made our smiles a bit brighter this year.

Lockdown Dog Heroes

woman taking her dog out for a walk

(Image credit: Andrew Teebay/Liverpool ECHO)

Our Lockdown Dog Hero competition with Reach Media highlighted many inspiring stories of dogs who had helped their families through a difficult time. The shortlist was compiled and shared on social media for everyone to vote for their hero. The winner, Hunter the black cockapoo from Liverpool, brought smiles to all of the customers who visited the family shop. He kept his family and the communities’ spirits high during the lockdown period by letting them take him for local walks. His owner, Raheem, said Hunter is a hero for making everyone feel happy during these tough times and we couldn’t agree more.

Tails of Happiness

Back in May, we ran a Happy Dog competition to keep tails wagging and paw-sitivity high. We loved hearing how your dogs helped you during these tough times. It reminded us all to enjoy life’s little pleasures and find the good in challenging circumstances.

Our dogs have kept our spirits high; encouraging us to explore beyond our local areas, breathing in that fresh air and discovering new trails for our walkies. But our four-legged friends have also made sacrifices, for which we’ll be forever grateful.

two dogs outside in nature on a rock fence

Some dogs took a little break away from their usual homes to isolate with people who needed their companionship and pawsome cuddles. And there have been four-legged friends who have spent more time indoors while their families needed to stay home and isolate, forgoing their walkies to keep us safe.

Our dogs who have been there to cheer up their owners when they have been unwell during the lockdown, they’ve been there for a cuddle in tough times and to put a smile on their face when they’ve needed it most.

sleepy puppy laying on a bed

Many dogs have also kept us entertained with the new tricks they’ve learnt during lockdown; from puppies learning sit and stay, to some dogs learning how to spin or even dance! Just look at some of the spookily good entries we received in our #TrickForTreat Halloween competition!

If you taught an old (or young!) dog a new trick, make sure to share their tricks with us on social media.

dog learning new tricks

All Dogs Are Our Heroes

During our extended time at home, many people opened up their homes (and hearts) to a new four-legged friend. Whether they were a rescue dog looking for their fur-ever home or a little puppy ready to play, we heard so many heart-warming stories on how the newest members of your families have brought smiles to your faces and how you now could not be without them.

A big paws-up to all of our four-legged friends who have been there for us this year. We think you’re all pawsome and deserve plenty of treats in your stockings this Christmas. Thank you for keeping our spirits high, our smiles wide and for keeping us busy with you around.

At Butcher’s, 2020 is the year of the dog in our eyes.



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