This Halloween week we’ve been celebrating our four-legged friends’ terrifyingly clever #TrickforTreat to mark the launch of our new naturally meaty Treats. We’ve been amazed by their talents and wanted to share some of the best with you. Here’s a round-up of the daily winners’ spooktacular tricks who have each won a set of our new treats.


two dogs performing a trick

Peter and Betty

Meet Peter and Betty, our spookily talented winners who have a flair for dancing. Their pawsome pumpkin trick certainly deserved for them to claim the title as winners of day one. Paws up if your four-legged friend loves to create circles in exchange for a tasty treat.

Make sure to take a watch here.

small dog dressed in a harry potter costume


Marlowe showed off his spellbinding tricks in this video. This Harry Pupper cast a few spells to become our day two winner. We were spellbound!

Think your dog has a few tricks up his sleeve? Make sure to let us see!

See Marlowe’s spells for yourself here.

dog laying in a field of grass


Our next boo-rillant winner is Woody. This clever boy has learnt tricks using only hand signals – good job Woody! We’d love to see if you try this trick, make sure to tag us on social media and try our tasty treats whilst training your dog.

See him in action.

dog performing a trick in the garden


Paws up for our day four winner – Misty! Misty and her owner Courtney have a great bond and love to perform tricks together. We think these tricks are pawsome!

Do you like to perform tricks with your dog, then share your tricks with us.

See Misty’s performance here.

dog performing a trick in the garden


Another spooktastic winner of the week was Emrys! They performed their trick pawfectly and earned themselves the title as Friday’s winner to finish off a week of #TrickForTreat.

Make sure to show us your spooky treats!

See their tricks along with all our winners here.

Well done to all our daily winners.

A big congratulations to Peter and Betty who have won our spooktacular Halloween hamper, their trick was voted as our followers’ favourite on social media.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our #TrickForTreat campaign. We’ve loved all your fa-boo-lous tricks and we think you and your four-legged friend have done a pawsome job. If you and your dog have learnt some great tricks, make sure to show us and reward them with our new treats – they are terrifyingly tasty! You can find out more about our treats here.

Happy Howl-oween!




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