Planet Friendly

Here At Butcher's We Care About Keeping Your Dogs Happy, And We Also Want To Look After Our Planet

We’ve been making nutritious and delicious recipes for dogs for over 30 years now. As part of our commitment to keeping dogs as happy and healthy as possible, we also take responsibility for the impact our packaging and manufacturing processes can have on the environment. Over the past few years we’ve taken crucial steps towards using more recyclable packaging, in turn helping our customers to recycle and also steps towards reducing our carbon pawprint.

All of our packaging is Recyclable[1]

We have removed the plastic shrink-wrap packaging from our tin multi-packs and replaced it with recyclable cardboard. Our boxes have saved over 300 tonnes of plastic over the last 3 years (2018-2021)[2], which is equivalent to 14 million plastic bottles![3]

Helping our pet-parents to recycle more

It is not just recyclable cardboard we use – our steel tins and foil trays are recyclable too. The steel tins can be easily turned into new materials, like car parts, bicycles, or even more tins for Butcher’s tasty recipes! You’ll also find the packaging for our NEW treats range recyclable.

Our tins, foil trays and their cardboard packaging is all recyclable at the curbside. The films of our treats packs are recyclable through the carrier bag return schemes at your local supermarket.

It’s paws-itively fantastic news that all of the packaging for our nourishing food and treats for dogs is recyclable!

Greener Processes in our Factory


It’s not just our packaging that’s planet-friendly, we’re always looking at improvements we can make in our head office and factory. Both are already energy efficient: all rain water is collected from the roof and used to power the toilets, and we harness solar energy with solar panels on the roof.

Earlier in 2021 we embarked on a sustainability project in our factory which is designed to help us reduce our carbon footprint, saving 150 tonnes of carbon every year.[4] It’s also helping us to generate 85% of our own electricity.[5]


We hope that you can also help us to look after our planet, by choosing Butcher’s Nourishing Food for Dogs!


[1] Tins, Foil trays and Treats packaging
[2] Based on sales of 6,12,18 & 24pks in last 3 years (Nov 2018-2021) multiplied by the weight of plastic shrink that would have been used per product
[3] Based on the weight of a 22g plastic bottle
[4] The carbon saving of >150 tonnes per annum is based on government publicised greenhouse gas conversion factors 2020
[5] Through detailed modelling by Butcher’s Pet Care Shenton Group the CHP has been calculated to offset over 85% of the sites imported electrical power annually

Carbon saving source webpage


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