The thought of a trip away for a change of scenery and a well-deserved break has got our tails wagging. At Butcher’s, we’re proud to support British and Irish farmers. So now more than ever, we’re happy to see so many of our pack are looking closer to home for their summer holidays this year. For those who are packing their bags and travelling across the country to spend more time with their families and furry friends. We’ve pulled together our top tips on how to enjoy the paw-fect dog-friendly staycation.


sausage dog in car looking out of window

On the road again

Part of the fun of going on holiday is the journey there – the excitement of packing up your suitcase and loading up the car. That’s where the fun begins in preparing for your road trip to relaxation! It’s best to make sure you have everything you need for your four-legged friend in an accessible place. Make sure to bring a comfy blanket for your dog to lay on in the car and invest in a dog seatbelt to help keep them secure whilst travelling, as required by law. You can pick one up here.

Pack plenty of water for the journey to keep your dog hydrated. We’d recommend taking an eco-friendly collapsible travel water bowl too. Plan your journey ahead of time and schedule in breaks so your dog can stretch their legs, have a drink and a toilet break.

On hot days, your car can warm up very quickly, and you may need to blast the air-con high or have the windows open. Try to plan your journey so you can travel during the cooler parts of the day to help keep your car and dog as cool as possible.

Bring their favourite toy to keep them entertained and some treats to reward your dog when they’re laying down and settled in the car. We think your furry friend would love our Naturally Meaty Treats! Feed your four-legged friend a couple of hours before the journey to give them chance to digest their food. Especially if your dog is prone to car sickness.

Dog outdoors on a summer evening

What to put in their suitcase

You don’t just have to pack your suitcase, but your furry friend will need their supplies packing too.

This is our go-to list, but of course, feel free to add in anything else your dog loves or needs:

• Plenty of their Butcher’s nourishing food for dogs, make sure to take more than you need, it’s always better to have more just in case

• A blanket or towel for your dog to lay on in the car, it keeps them comfy and protects your seats too

• Their food and water bowls, a lot of dogs prefer to eat and drink from bowls with their own scent and not all accommodations will provide them

• Your dog’s bed, so they can enjoy plenty of rest whilst away on their holidays

• Plenty of eco-poo bags to clean up after your furry friend

• Toys to keep your dog entertained in the car or in your accommodation

• A spare lead and collar should yours break

• Their favourite flavour (or flavours!) of our Naturally Meaty Treats

• Any medication or supplements

Dog on walk near the sea

Home away from home

When researching the best place to venture on your staycation, check out the local areas and activities to make sure the whole family. That includes your four-legged friend, so you can have plenty of fun and make lots of memories together. We’d recommend making a list of dog-friendly activities and places to eat so you’re well prepared. Also, it’s worth noting where the nearest vets are, just in case you should need them whilst you’re away.

Once you’ve picked your destination it’s time to find some dog-friendly accommodation. There are various websites that offer specific hotels or home rentals for the whole family, your dog included. Just remember to check carefully, as some accommodations will charge you a little extra to accommodate your furry friend too.

Summer fun

You may love sunbathing all day every day whilst on your summer holiday (and who can blame you!). But your furry friend will still need plenty of shade and water. Make sure that wherever you visit on days out, there is a place for your dog to rest and cool down in the shade, along with staying hydrated.

For more tips on keeping your dog cool, read our blog here.

Share your staycation snaps

We hope you have a sunny dog-friendly staycation wherever you explore! We’d love to see snaps of you and your furry friend making the most of the British gems across the country, so be sure to tag us on social media.



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