New puppies are hard to resist. Even the coldest of hearts melt at the sight of those cute, little puppy dog eyes.
All puppy parents want to be able to give their new arrival the best start in life. So right from the start it’s essential that your pup receives the right diet to grow into a healthy and happy dog.


Find out what your puppy is currently eating with their breeder and stick with that for a few days until they are comfortable in their new home.

If you decide you want to change the food their eating, we suggest gradually making this transition. Start by replacing 25% of their old food with new food and gradually increase this until they are just eating their new food. Puppies’ digestive systems are not fully developed and they’re very sensitive to both environmental and dietary changes, so it’s not unusual if your pup shows signs of an upset tummy on what can seem like a fairly regular basis.

When changing to a new food, check feeding guides to know how much to feed your pup according to their age and weight. However, don’t forget that these are just guides and every puppy is different, so continually monitor your puppy’s weight and adjust feeding quantities accordingly.

TOP TIP: Our nutritionist Sara has pulled together the top nutrition and feeding tips for your puppy. Read more here.


Puppies need a specialist diet to make sure they are getting all of the essential nutrients for growing pups. They need calcium to keep bones and teeth
strong and protein to help muscle development. Puppy food is also highly digestable.

Our Puppy Perfect recipes have been specially developed to provide your pup with all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for
healthy growth and bouncing energy, as well as supporting their natural immunity.

Our recipes contain salmon oil for all-important Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids and prebiotics to promote healthy gut bacteria. Being grain free, these recipes
are naturally gluten free, containing no grains or bulkers.


As puppies grow fast and are very playful they need more calories and energy through fat.

Essential vitamins and minerals are crucial for your puppy’s growing needs.

Prebiotics help grow, restore and maintain a healthy gut which supports your puppy’s immune system.

Grain free dog food is much easier for your puppy to digest meaning this is gentle on their growing stomachs.

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