It can feel a little overwhelming with all your pup’s health checks and monthly medications. Once you are in a routine it’ll all fit into place and you’ll have a healthy, happy pup. Here are our top tips from day one vaccinations to flea and worming treatments.


As with all new babies (furry ones included!) vaccinations are part of their new born life. Your puppy vaccinations will protect them from a whole range of nasty diseases allowing them to lead a happy and safe life.


1st Vaccinations
6-8 Weeks

2nd Vaccinations
10-12 Weeks


1. Register your new furry friend with your local vet and get them booked in for a puppy health check within the first few days. It’s important that this is done within the times stated in your puppy contract. Let your breeder know how the health check went and if there are any concerns.

2. Your puppy should have arrived with you having had their first vaccinations. These are typically administered between 6-8 weeks old. You can book the date for second vaccinations at their initial check up appointment.

L2 OR L4?

There are two main types of vaccine routes: L2 and L4. Your puppy must receive the same strain vaccine for their 6-8 week and 10-12 week vaccines.

If in the instance your puppy was given L2 by the breeder but your local vet only offers L4, your puppy will need to restart their course again.

Although this delays their first walkies it’s important to make sure your furry friend is healthy and safe.

There is lots of research on the difference between the two types of vaccines which can be found with a simple Google search but rest assured, they both protect your puppy from common diseases.

Once your puppy has completed their vaccinations they will be free to enjoy plenty of walkies and bounding fun. From here a booster jab is needed annually to keep their immunity up to date.

TOP TIP: Check which type of vaccine your breeder has given to your pup prior to gotcha day. You can then book with the appropriate vet to continue the course.

Flea & Worming

Your puppy should arrive with you fully up to date with their flea & worming treatments. This is traditionally administered through tasty coated pills. It’s important to take your breeder’s advice and keep these treatments up to date, for the health of your puppy, household and other pets.


There are numerous different brands to choose from so it can feel a little confusing! It’s best to gain advice from your breeder and vet on which path they recommend based on your puppy’s weight. Generally both treatments are given every 1-3 months depending on the brand.

TOP TIP: Try not to get behind on these treatments, catching a parasite can cause havoc for your household as well as distress your puppy.

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