25th May 2021

It’s no secret that our four-legged friends love their walks, it’s the paw-fect opportunity to get out of the house and explore all the smells in the big wide world. However, for some, it can be a bit of a challenge, so we’ve pulled together our top tips to make walkies the best time of the day for you and your furry friend.

Lead Training

Dogs pulling on the lead whilst walking is a common problem faced by owners and dog walkers alike. Some of our furry friends just have that much energy that they want to go a bit faster, which is great if you’re up for a run but can make walkies that bit more difficult. If you’re happy to burn off some extra energy too, then try taking your dog for a run, starting at a leisurely pace. Our dogs need to build up their muscles, just as we humans do, so try shorter distances before building up to a lengthy run. Check with your vet if you want to run with your four-legged friend and they’re younger than 18 months old as their joints and muscles are still growing – the vet will be able to advise you if they’re ready to start running. If you want to enjoy a relaxing stroll, then why not invest in a harness which will help to distribute the pressure of a lead and pulling, whilst helping you maintain control.

Another way to help promote lead training is to show your dog that they should be by your side, as opposed to out in front. Start by doing this without a lead with short movements around the garden or house, try using their name and carrying a treat to encourage them to stay by your side. Why not use our Naturally Meaty Treats to reward your dog when they stay next to you to reinforce their good behaviour?

Once they’ve mastered that, it’s time to use a lead; the aim of the game is to walk with a nice loose lead, and if they start to pull and the lead becomes tight, then you simply stop and stand still – your dog will eventually learn that to get moving they have to walk nicely and stop from pulling on the lead. Over time, your dog will need fewer treats and will be able to walk by your side for a pull-free walk.

Dog walking on lead


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