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Once your new family member has arrived they will certainly feel the need to investigate every inch of their new home inside and out. To avoid any unforeseen risks to your pup, take a note pad around your home and conduct a mini risk paw-sessment to complete before you welcome your new arrival. Below are some of our top tips to add to the list!

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Tidy Up

Anything left on the floor is up for grabs in your pup’s eyes. Don’t let your favourite walking shoes become their chew toy.

Where possible move all cables out the way or hide them well. It’s not safe for your puppy to play with these so if they can’t be moved be sure to always supervise your pup.

dog resting out on the grass


Your garden is also an ultra-sniff zone for your dog. However, there are many plants and flowers that are toxic for dogs such as daffodil bulbs and yew trees. Below are some of the most popular garden plants and flowers and a full list can be found here.

TOP TIP: Make sure your garden boundaries are secure so your pup can’t escape. Remember to never leave your pup unattended in the garden, unfortunately dog theft is on the rise and sadly a high percentage are stolen from their own gardens.

Be Aware Of Toxic Foods

Be wary of leaving human food within pup’s reach and remember to be cautious when cooking. Foods such as onions and raisins can be very toxic for your dog.

It’s also important to be aware of serious choking hazards when feeding your dog.  Always avoid feeding cooked bones and corn on the cob to minimise the risk.

For a full list of poisonous foods look here.

If you think your dog may have ingested either a toxic plant or food, even in small amounts, it’s best to visit your vet immediately.

Green parts of tomato plants
Cooked bones
Human vitamins & supplements
Mouldy food
Artificial sweetener
Grapes, raisins
Onions, chives & garlic
Corn on the cob
man playing with puppy

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