Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation for your puppy is just as important as their playtime. It keeps their brain busy and challenges them in a positive way. It can also aid training and allows them to grow confidence with alone time. We’re sharing some of our favourite games to play inside with our dogs to help keep them (and us) entertained and exercised to ensure their joints and brains stay healthy!

puppy playing with toy puzzle


A great way to keep your dog entertained and stimulated is by giving them puzzle games to play with. You can order them online or alternatively you can make your own!

One of our favourite puzzle games is a simple one, all you need are some scissors, an empty cereal box and some Naturally Meaty Treats. Cut holes in the sides of the box, make sure they are in different places, the more holes the easier it is for your dog to get the treats out!

Once you have cut your holes, place some treats or broken up treats inside the box, your dog will have fun trying to shake the treats out through the holes or just ripping the box to get to them!

puppy playing with tennis balls


Let your dog try out their sniffing talents to earn themselves a nourishing treat. A snuffle mat is a great addition to your enrichment box, this is designed to make your dog look for their food by sniffing and foraging.

The mat mimics long grass within which you can hide their favourite Butcher’s Treats. Another idea to try is using a muffin or cupcake tray and some tennis balls to create a game. In the muffin tray fill some of the cups with treats and place a ball in every cup, your dog will have to work out where the treats are hidden and get the ball out to retrieve the treat! This is a great way of keeping your dog out of mischief and letting them practise finding scents. Here is our Superfan, Hero giving the game a go!

puppy waiting for food


Why not try a toy or puzzle that your four-legged friend can play with and work out in order to get their dinner! This will keep their mind mentally stimulated and results in them being rewarded with their delicious, nourishing bowlful of Butcher’s! You can order toys such as a Kong and fill with their nourishing food.

man playing with puppy

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