Welcoming a puppy to the family is such an exciting time for all. Puppies are adorable, irresistible bundles of fun. However, growing puppies also need a lot of attention and a structured routine, which can be especially tough if your life is a busy one.

The Kennel Club reported 10% of people bought their puppy on impulse. To offer them the best start in life enabling them to go on to be happy confident pups, take a look at the below questions to see if you and your family are ready for the commitment.

We are lucky that our four-legged friends can stay with us for up to 15 years! Every day your dog requires playtime, training, exercise and not forgetting their nourishing bowlfuls of dog food. Adopting a puppy has its challenges and the puppy blues are real! Do plenty of research, read, join online networks and speak to friends who can give you a real insight into the first weeks with your puppy. As well as this, their daily walks are the highlights of their day – you need to be able to throw on your wellies rain or shine for their daily exercise and sniffing excursions.

It’s not just the initial cost of your puppy to think about, the ongoing costs such as food, bedding, insurance, grooming, training and unexpected vet bills are all things to take into consideration. The average monthly cost for dogs in the UK is roughly £65.

Being able to provide your pup with all the essentials such as toys, walks and natural wholesome food is great, however dogs aren’t keen on being left alone for long periods of time. Take a look at your current daily routines and see how a puppy would fit into this. Would they be alone for long periods throughout the day? Like us, dogs need social interaction and plenty of cuddles. Take a look at our mental stimulation tips to build on alone time confidence here.


A puppy will affect everyone in the household, even your cat if you have one. Be sure to consider everyone in your home. Receiving a surprise puppy is a wonderful thought but it wouldn’t be fair on the puppy if not everyone wants them there. If you do already have pets please consider how they would react to having another animal in the house too. Read our top tips for introducing your furry friends.

The most crucial question to ask yourself is why do you want a puppy? Ensure this is for the right reasons – a loving new family member to nourish and enrich both of your lives. For more detailed information take a look at the RSPCA website.

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