Gotcha Day

The most exciting day of your puppy journey so far – introducing them to their ‘fur-ever’ home. Make sure you are prepared equipment-wise as well as emotionally! Here we share our top tips for the big day.

Questions for your breeder

Generally, if you have a good breeder they will have kept you in the loop all things ‘pup-dates’ leading up to collection day, However, it’s best to go over all the details again with your breeder.

  • Vet check

    Is your puppy healthy? Usually your pup is taken to the vet a few days before collection to give them a final check over. This includes being a healthy weight, flea and worming treatment plan and first vaccinations. To learn more about health checks click here.

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  • Microchip

    Has your pup been chipped? If so, ask for the number and database where you need to update the details. It’s crucial you do this as soon as possible. Remember, it’s a legal requirement to have your puppy microchipped.

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  • Puppy Contract

    This is a great indication you have made a good choice with your breeder. This covers you both legally if the pup has any health problems soon after arriving home and generally provides reassurances for you both.

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  • Puppy pack

    Most breeders provide a puppy pack for you to take home. This includes all the above, along with the mother’s scented blanket, some of their food and maybe a toy. Each breeder decides what to include.

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What to take on collection day

  • Proof of ID or payment details if required. Remember to get a receipt!
  • Blankets
  • Toys – especially soft ones
  • Dog carrier for the car – it’s a legal requirement to have your dog secured safely in a moving vehicle. A dog carrier is a good option for gotcha day as you can keep this in the back seat (as opposed to the boot) and then you’re able to comfort your pup if they become nervous.
  • Water and travel bowl
  • Food/Treats – if you have a particularly long journey you may want to think about taking some food with you. The breeder will be able to advise on their current feeding regime. If possible try to avoid feeding in the car as some nervous dogs could become car sick.
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Plan Your Day

  • Prior to setting off ensure you have planned a pick up slot with the breeder. It’s common for the whole litter to be collected on the same day, the last thing you want is to be rushing through your prepared list of questions. Ideally collect early in the day so your pup has plenty of playtime in their new home before settling for the night.
  • Think about when you get home, have you got the crate and/or bed set up with all their toys? Make this transition as smooth as possible for puppy.


You’ll remember this day for a very long time, it’s such special and important day for both of you. Your new pup may be excited, nervous, hungry, tired and be full of energy all in one go! So it’s up to you to keep calm, give plenty of cuddles and reassurances to make them feel safe and welcomed into their new home. And don’t forget to take plenty of photos, they grow up so quickly!

puppy cuddling with human
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