We’re proud that our Natural Health Support Range is Vet recommended and has been carefully created by our Nutritionist, Sara. But what is Vet recommended dog food? We asked Sara about the Vet approval process and why it is beneficial for your dog to feed a Vet recommended diet.


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What does ‘Vet recommended dog food’ mean?

Our Vet recommended stamp means that our recipes and scientific literature have been reviewed by an independent, practicing, small animal Vet. Our Natural Health Support Vet recommend range includes, Healthy Heart, Simply Gentle, Lean & Tasty and Joints & Coat products.

The Vet has recognised these diets as being complete and balanced and suitable for normal, healthy dogs. The recipes have been formulated to meet all nutritional and regulatory requirements and contain nutrients and beneficial ingredients to help support a specific health need. All the claimed features and benefits of the products have a wealth of data and scientific information to substantiate any product claims that we make.

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Who is the Vet and how were they chosen?

We use an independent Vet, Christian Hughes, to review and sign-off our products as ‘Vet Recommended’. Christian was chosen for his wealth of experience! Having been a Vet for over 30 years, he has spent the last 28 of those working exclusively with dogs, cats and other small animals. As well as managing a practice in Birmingham, he now also works alongside the RSPCA, Police and Local Authorities. Plus, he is the regular Veterinary surgeon on a local BBC radio station!

What was the process to get Butcher’s Natural Health Support recipes ‘Vet recommended’ accreditation?

Our product development process is thorough to ensure we formulate the best possible diets containing the most beneficial ingredients for your dog. Our Vet recommended diets are formulated by nutritionists to ensure their nutritional credentials. Whilst our experienced product development team ensures we achieve a high-quality product for our customers.

The process:

  • The nutritionist will collate a wealth of scientific information and nutritional data, collating it into an extensive product dossier
  • Once development of our products is complete, the products, along with the product dossier will be presented to the Vet for full review
  • Upon review of the product and information, if the Vet is happy with everything provided, they will be signed off as ‘Vet recommended’

The approval process involves close collaboration and discussion between the independent Vet and the nutritionist. It not only involves the presentation of the information and data, but discussions around the product and data. This includes how it was designed and why particular ingredients were chosen.

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What are the regulatory requirements of Vet recommended dog food?

As a responsible manufacturer of high-quality dog food for our four-legged friends, we must follow all the regulatory requirements that are asked of us as an industry. The majority of this is a legal requirement and involves a number of regulatory documents, covering everything from raw materials to advertising, and everything in between!

The regulations are enforced by Trading Standards authorities. Part of our requirement is to ensure that any information we communicate to our customers is accurate, truthful and not misleading and that any claims we make can be substantiated. This includes our ‘Vet Recommended’ claim but is applicable to all our products.

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Who collates the scientific evidence and where does it come from?

I am responsible for collating all of the scientific evidence and product data. Information will be collated from hundreds of sources – with the source of the information being of particular importance. It is vital that information comes from trusted and reliable scientific sources including peer reviewed journals and Veterinary nutrition textbooks.

We also collect data on the nutritional breakdown of both raw materials and finished products, with analysis conducted by an external accredited laboratory. This data is then reviewed and analysed before the product is approved.

What is the difference between a Vet prescription diet and a Vet recommended diet?

Prescription dog foods are made with ingredients and nutritional supplements combined in just the right proportions to support the health of dogs who have a particular disease or illness. For example, Vets may prescribe a particular prescription dog food to help dissolve bladder stones [1]. They may also be known as therapeutic dog foods or Veterinary diets.

Our diets are not prescription diets and should not be fed to dogs who require a very specialised therapeutic diet or have a health condition which requires specific dietary management. In these circumstances, it is always best to consult your Vet about your dog’s nutritional needs as they know your pet best. Speak to your Vet if you have any concerns or questions about your dog!

[1] Pet MD Prescription Dog Food

   Meet Sara Our Nutritionist

Sara is a proud pet parent to Mae the Cocker Spaniel, 2 cats and a growing flock of hens, and she knows that nutrition is key to their happy and healthy lives. With a degree in Animal Science and over 12 years’ experience as a Pet Nutritionist, Sara shares useful information and resources on dog nutrition with pet parents like you.



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