Tail of the Month with Maz and Elsa

For this Tail of the Month, we asked you to share your stories about your rescue dogs. We loved Maz’s story of her rescue dog Elsa, and how giving her a second chance at life changed her life too:

This is Elsa, my angel. We have been together 5 years in April. I got her from the pound. She had all her fur shaved off due to fleas and knots. I thought she was a white dog but as time went on I found out she was brown and white. I didn’t rescue her it was the other way round, she rescued me. She keeps me fit by walking whereas before I didn’t bother. She is my best friend and is a joy to wake up to in the morning. I can not wake up grumpy anymore, I now wake up to a pink tongue kissing me and a wagging tail. She loves to play ball and tug of war, so I can now never get bored. She is also a good guard dog, I feel safe as she sure lets me know if anyone is around. So I sleep better at night time now. Our journey together is one of love, she knows all my secrets as well. I love her so so much. She is just the best!!!



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