Tail Of The Month: Julie and Elgin

For this month’s Tail of the Month, we asked you to tell us about your favourite Christmas memory with your dog. We were moved by Julie Barrett’s lovely story about her first Christmas with her assistance dog Elgin:

My first Christmas with my assistance dog Elgin in 2015 was probably the best Christmas memory with him. I waited three years for him, he was well worth the wait and was the best present ever! He’s given me back so much independence and has even saved my life on numerous occasions. He helps me with my Christmas shopping by picking up items from low shop shelves for me (stretching to reach something can dislocate my shoulder) and by passing my purse to the cashier. He even helps me wrap my presents by holding the paper in place with his paw, while I get the tape ready to stick it down. He makes every day special, and makes Christmas extra special.



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