At Butcher’s, we are committed to nourishing all dogs with our tasty recipes. That is why we started our #NourishEveryDog mission, to ensure that all dogs, including those less fortunate, have all the nourishment they need with a bowlful of Butcher’s.


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Animal Larder and Food Shelter

One of the charities that we have been able to support is ALFS, the Animal Larder and Food Shelter (ALFS), based in Hertford. This supportive charity was founded by Tina, who set up the animal food bank after seeing a van advertising a food bank for people in the Hertford area.

butchers dog food products

ALFS is there to help families who are struggling to feed their pets. They believe with their help it can prevent people, who may not be able to feed their dogs, from having to rehome them. During the recent challenging times, families are finding their finances and circumstances more unstable, so ALFS is here to help with their pets’ nutritional needs. ALFS know that your pet is part of the family, and they deserve the same love and nourishment, so they are here to help.

As ALFS grow larger and demand grows, they are looking for more donations. They accept split or opened bags of food, so if you are able to join us and help in any way, they would be very grateful for your donation. Find out more on their website.

We are so happy to have been able to donate meals through our #NourishEveryDog campaign to ALFS. We love to support the pawsome work they do to help pets and families in need. If you want to get involved in our #NourishEveryDog mission, then please tweet or comment our hashtag on our social channels. The more hashtags we receive, the more dogs in need we can help. Discover more about our Nourish Every Dog campaign by clicking here.



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