We kicked 2022 off with some ‘paw-some’ news!

We’re sure you heard, but if you missed it, don’t worry. We’re here to share the good news again with some heart-warming stories about how your support has helped.



Together, we’ve donated 2 MILLION meals to dogs in need through our Nourish Every Dog campaign!

We believe that every dog deserves naturally nourishing food every day. So, in 2019, we set out on a mission to donate our meals to less-fortunate pups.

Thanks to our pack, we’ve been able to support over 250 charities across Great Britain. So many of these important charities, rescues and shelters are run by an army of volunteers who rely on donations to keep going. Donations like ours have been even more important during these difficult times.

We’re so proud to have reached 2 MILLION meals, but we couldn’t have done it without you. Your small act of kindness has made a big difference to charities and their dogs.

2 Million Meals Animation

Large Breed Dog Rescue Nourish Every Dog


Now it’s really time to get those tails wagging. Hear how much our Nourish Every Dog campaign means to some of the charities you’ve helped.

Large Breed Dog Rescue

As they say themselves, they’re a small rescue caring for big dogs. The charity in Kent is run by volunteers. The team do everything from fundraising and dog walking to fostering and transporting their four-legged friends to their new homes. We’re sure you’ll agree they are certainly deserving of a Nourish Every Dog donation.

“It has been manic with dogs, mainly lockdown puppies, coming and going. We are so grateful for your wonderful donation of food.

 It means so much to us as funds are getting very low. We’ve not been able to fundraise since COVID and our vet bills are high because of the number of dogs we’ve taken in.”

Pebbles Legacy Nourish Every Dog

Pebbles Legacy

In memory of Pebbles, a much-loved rescued Old Tyme Bulldog, Pebbles Legacy aim to rehome dogs so they can be cared for and loved in the same way Pebbles was. Getting their paws on our nourishing meals has helped them to feed the dogs in their care.

“From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the food to keep us going through these testing times. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your help and generosity.”

Central German Shepherd Rescue Nourish Every Dog

Central German Shepherd Rescue

Based in Lincolnshire, CGSR have a team of fosterers to care for German Shepherds who haven’t found their ‘fur-ever’ home yet. Our naturally nourishing meals help to keep these dogs happy and healthy; by using our hashtag #NourishEveryDog you’ve helped to donate a meal to dogs like these.

“Thank you so much! You have no idea how much we appreciate the donation. Butcher’s suits out dogs’ sensitive stomachs. We are so grateful.”

Daisy from Ark Angels


Now it’s time to meet the real stars of the show!

Cared for by some of the charities that have benefited from our Nourish Every Dog donations, these pups have gone on to find their ‘fur-ever’ homes and are still enjoying their Butcher’s bowlfuls.

Daisy from Ark Angels

Daisy came from a puppy farm but was rescued by Ark Angels, a devoted charity near Chester.

She wasn’t doing well on the food she was originally on. Ark Angels had received a Nourish Every Dog donation so, when her fosterer adopted her, they recommended feeding her Butcher’s Nourishing Food for Dogs instead.

Her fosterer slowly moved her over to Butcher’s and, after about a week, they started to see improvements in Daisy.

3 years later, Daisy is still thriving on our naturally nutritious recipes. Even with her sensitive stomach, she’s had no problems at all!

Kai from Doggy Dorchester

Kai and Milo from Doggy Dorchester

 Kai, the Northern Inuit, was cared for by Doggy Dorchester where, with the help of a Nourish Every Dog donation, he enjoyed our tasty meals.

Kai has a sensitive stomach and is fussy too, so when he met his new pet parent, they kept feeding him Butcher’s as it suited him well. Now 14, he’s still happy and healthy. Plus, Kai has gone on to win “Best Rescue” and “Overall Best In Show” at his local dog fete!

Milo from Doggy Dorchester

Kai and his ‘hoo-man’ then welcomed another furry friend into the pack. Doggy Dorchester had helped them find Milo, a 6-month-old Lurcher, who was also fed on our nourishing food for dogs.

Having both dogs on the same food has been helpful to their pet parent and ‘paw-some’ for them as they’re both doing well in their ‘fur-ever’ home.

Milo from Canine Campus Pet Rescue

Milo from Canine Campus Pet Rescue

Another Milo!

Milo was taken in by Canine Campus Pet Rescue, based in Scotland, at 14 years old after his owner sadly passed away.

Canine Campus Pet Rescue have benefitted from a Nourish Every Dog donation so they started Milo on our recipes – he was a big fan of our original Tripe recipe! After about two weeks, they noticed he had a lot more energy and his coat was shining.

Four years on, Milo is now an impressive 18 years old! With a few more grey hairs, he’s still loving our Tripe recipe and loving life. He’s enjoying two walks a day, playing with his furry siblings and finding the best spots for a cosy snooze.

Do you want to get involved to help more dogs in need? Head over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #NourishEveryDog. For every use of the hashtag, we’ll donate a meal to a dog who’s still yet to find their ‘fur-ever’ home.

Learn more about our mission to Nourish Every Dog here.



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