Let’s face it, moving home is up there as one of the top three most stressful things to go through, so while you’re doing your best to keep your stress levels down for your own health, here are some ways to help your dog too from Dog Listener Lucy Proctor:

puppy standing next to boxes while unpacking after moving home

– My top tip would be to arrange for your dog to spend a couple of days with their best friend or sitter, a day or two before the final exit. This means you have one less thing to worry about, and your dog won’t get unnecessarily stressed either. Collect them a day or two after you arrive in your new home.

– If you’re moving long distance and travelling with your dog, take regular breaks to give your dog a break. Don’t feed them before the journey as this could cause travel sickness but keep them hydrated. You can give some bone broth for nutrition when you stop for breaks.

– Don’t wash your dog’s bedding, toys or anything that is theirs for a couple of weeks before you move, and the same time again after you arrive in your new home. Allow them to settle in to their new home with already familiar scents until they relax a little more.

– Ensure your garden is dog-proof before letting your dog roam in it.

– Set up one room on the ground floor with their bed, food/water bowls, toys etc. in a room that you will spend time together as a family so they have the security of having you around and keep them contained in this room for a couple of days when not out for your regular dog walks.

– Keep your dog’s routine the same so “their world” is disrupted as little as possible.

– If your dog is very anxious, don’t give them the run of the house as new large areas can be overwhelming. Smaller spaces are safer as less property to guard/be responsible for if they have the mindset of a leader.

– Put a pheromone diffuser near the area of your dog’s bed for the first month to lessen any anxiety.

– Update your dog’s microchip and tag with your new address details. If your dog wanders off in your new neighbourhood with an up-to-date tag on them it could make the return of your dog that much easier and quicker.

We hope this helps you put together a game plan in your mind so you can make it a smooth a transition as possible for the whole family, four-legged ones included.



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