Many dogs are loving having their families at home more, making the most of the extra cuddles and tummy tickles! For over 14,000 years dogs and humans have been the best of friends, so we’ve pulled together our top tips on how to build an extra special bond with your dog.

Showing them love

Our dog’s show us unconditional love, so we want them to know how much we love our furry friends. We can give our dog’s love by plenty of cuddles, tummy rubs and the spot behind their furry ear – not to mention a few treats! Stroking our dogs for at least 15 minutes a day (but we recommend a lot more!) reduces anxiety in both us and our dog, so whilst it’s the perfect way to show them we love them, it is also good to keep them calm and relaxed just like our Superfan Moose.

small puppy sleeping

Keeping them happy

Just like we need to look after our mental wellbeing, we need to do the same for our pets. Changes in their routine, environment or life can be challenging for any dog, so it is important to keep your dog happy and calm during times which might be stressful for them. Our dogs are creatures of habit, so it is down to us to make sure they are reassured and to keep them as happy as possible. Learn your dog’s traits and what makes them happy, to strengthen your bond. Each breed has different traits, so make sure you research them before you commit to getting yourself a dog.

a happy dog looking at the camera

Keeping them engaged

Attention, care and training are the three best ways to bond with your dog and show them how much you care. Just like us, our dog’s experience boredom and tension, so keep an eye out for ‘tell tail’ signs, like chewing furniture or destruction of household items, these can also be signs of stress and anxiety too.

Keep your dog occupied, by using puzzle toys or using scent work to get their noses and brains working. Make sure to encourage activities and games that your dog finds fun and add new and challenging exercises and training. An engaged and entertained dog makes for a happy dog. If your dog prefers to be a bit more independent, make sure that you still spend quality time with them, playing games and giving them a lot of cuddles.

dog playing with tennis balls

A happy, entertained and loved dog, is a dog that has a strong bond with their owner. If you are at home more, it is the perfect time to show your dog how much you love them and to thank them for being there whenever we need them. It is also important to know that both you and your dog will need some space though, so every day give them some time to play by themselves or to enjoy a little snooze.

Remember a dog is for life, not just for lockdown. Keep tagging us in your photos of you and your furry friends.



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