The Daily Mirror and its regional newspapers launched a pawsome competition at the start of June to find the Nation’s lockdown dog hero and celebrate our furry friends who have kept us company during the lockdown period.

Meet the regional winners who are hoping to claim the spot as top dog and our lockdown hero!

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Hunter (Liverpool Echo regional winner)

Hunter is the mascot for a family run newsagent in Clubmoor. Since lockdown began, he has raised the spirits of the community. Hunter is very friendly and puts a smile on everyone’s face when they go into the shop. Customers of all ages have loved walking Hunter and his loving nature. Raheem, Hunter’s owner, thinks he is a hero for making everyone feel happy during these tough times.

dog hunter

Bruno (Bristol Post regional winner)

During the lockdown period, Bruno has been his owner Rachael’s number one sidekick! While Rachael works from home, he is under the desk making sure his owner is kept warm and cosy without fail. Bruno knows when his best friend Rachael is having a down day and cheers her up with plenty of cuddles! Her colleagues have even got used to Bruno making appearances in her conference calls. Bruno changed Rachael’s life the day he joined the family and loves to hear a chorus of Prince’s ‘Could you be…the most beautiful dog in the world.’ – Rachael thinks he is!

dog bruno

Zeus (Birmingham Mail regional winner)

Named after the God of (thunder and) lightning, Zeus lights up his owner’s life every day. He has been by owner Jade’s side each day, whilst she has been shielding during the lockdown. Jade describes Zeus as being a loyal soul with a loving heart, bringing smiles to her all year round! As soon as Zeus wakes up, it is time for plenty of cuddles with his owner and keeping his owner happy and loved. Without his company and entertainment, Jade said she didn’t know what she would have done throughout lockdown, calling Zeus her saving grace.

dog zeus

Hattie (Manchester Evening regional winner)

Hattie has been going to work each day with her owner Andrew and putting her talents to good use! She has been helping deliver the post around the various companies and putting smiles on the staffs’ faces, she even gets a few treats from them! Hattie is a bit of a Facebook star, where she keeps her followers updated each day with her day’s work – they look forward to her daily posts and she loves lifting the spirits of her fans!

dog hattie

Buster (Gazette Live regional winner)

Leigha found her best friend, Buster, in a dog shelter last year. Unfortunately, as Buster was 10 when he was adopted, he had been overlooked many times, until he met Leigha. She fell in love with his cute face and doggy eyes. Buster hasn’t just been a superstar during lockdown says his owner, but for over a year and a half since he became part of the family. Each day he blesses them all with his big cheeky grin and has made the lockdown time special by loving his family as much as they love him.

dog Buster

Dina (Derby Telegraph regional winner)

Dina has been her owner Ebony’s saviour during the lockdown. Ebony struggles with anxiety and doesn’t cope very well with change, but Dina is by her owner’s side every day since the day they rescued her. When Dina sees her best friend struggling, she makes sure she is there with plenty of cuddles and love. Going out for their daily walkies has helped not only Dina, but Ebony too, making Dina an angel to her owner.

dog dina

Olly (Daily Record regional winner)

A little Whippet puppy, by the name of Olly, has been helping his owner Lee to whip up some treats for local dogs in need through an appeal on their local Facebook group. Together, Olly and Lee wanted to help dogs whose owners might be struggling during lockdown – either financially, by being unwell or if they were shielding. Within 72 hours of launching their appeal, they had received donations of 2,000 dog meals for their community. Lee is very proud of Olly and how their appeal has brought their community together to support those in need during the lockdown.

dog olly

Scamp (Leicester Mercury regional winner)

Scamp is described by his owner Shannon as her Goldie Oldie and he is struggling with social distancing as he likes to say hello to everyone he meets! Scamp has plenty of energy and is bounding about keeping everyone happy. A big fan of Leicester Tigers and Butcher’s food for dogs to help his CECS syndrome, he would love to win and enjoy a year’s worth of tasty Butcher’s!

dog scamp

Macsen (Daily Post regional winner)

In October 2018, Osian became unwell with a tumour on his spinal cord and after surgery became wheelchair-bound. Osian got his furry friend Macsen to help him through the difficult times ahead. Whilst being a star at all time, he has been even more of a hero during the pandemic by keeping Osian’s mood high during this difficult time. Macsen’s mischievous personality – stealing socks/shoes – puts a smile on all of his family’s faces, and he has got Osian out and about when otherwise he wouldn’t have gone out. His family says they would be lost without him.

dog macsen

Finn (Cambridge News regional winner)

You’ve heard of man’s best friend, but now Finn is his owner Michael’s best man! Finn popped on his best outfit after his owner’s wedding was postponed due to the pandemic. Michael said Finn made a pawsome speech and helped get them through the day. Finn’s new mantra is “This is the best day of my life” and helps his family to look for the good in every day.

dog finn

Dexter (Grimbsy Telegraph regional winner)

Phoebe says her four-legged friend Dexter is her lockdown hero. He has been a superstar at cheering up his mum and her team of hardworking discharge nurses at work, as well as all her friends on Facebook during this tough time. He has been taking part in lots of fun and silly TikTok videos, making sure to put a smile on many faces during this time.

dog dexter

River (Chronicle Live regional winner)

Ex-guide River has helped his owner Anna to overcome anxiety and depression, which was brought on two years during the sudden and sad passing of her dad. During lockdown River hasn’t left Anna’s side, staying next to her when she is having a down day and showing Anna plenty of love.

dog river

Orla (Examiner Live regional winner)

Described as a big ginger curly superstar, Orla is 4 years old and always happy! Just being at home with her family during the lockdown, has made everything so much better for owner Christine and her family. Long daily walks with Orla and Christine’s teenager daughters has helped to bring their family closer together, as well as being able to get out of the house and to smile and wave at neighbours. Christine wants to thank you Orla!

dog oria

Mia (Devon Live regional winner)

Unfortunately, Mia’s owner Lucy went through a difficult relationship breakdown during the lockdown, but Mia was by her side and remained Lucy’s rock. She has adapted well to a house move and even found a new friend in her new housemate, Andrew the pug. Mia gave Lucy a reason to get out and about, even taking up jogging together which Lucy says is good for the soul!

Eddie (Wales Online regional winner)

Eddie has helped his owner Kirsty get through the lockdown by making sure he is always there for plenty of cuddles when she may be feeling low or anxious. Eddie loves to play with his favourite toy and always puts a smile on Kirsty’s face. When Kirsty opens the door after work, her furry friend is there greet her and keep her smiling. Kirsty said Eddie has brought so much joy to their home and made the lockdown easier by making them all smile every day.

Marlowe (Hull Daily Mail regional winner)

Working at Cottingham High School, Marlowe has a special job to do as a wellbeing dog. Throughout the lockdown, he has been keeping up the good work by going into school weekly to support the children of keyworkers and vulnerable children. He helps to promote the children’s mental health and to keep them active.

Fletcher (Plymouth Herald regional winner)

Fletcher’s family have been shielding during the lockdown, so he has not been able to go out on his daily walks. He hasn’t just been his family’s emotional rock, he has helped with their wellbeing too, as keeping Fletcher occupied has kept his owner Selina and family entertained. Fletcher loves to play ‘find it’ games, scent games and different obstacles, which keeps him, and the family amused. Selina says Fletcher is her hero and has got them through 11 hard weeks of lockdown.

Edgar (Somerset Live regional winner)

Edgar joined Carly’s family during the lockdown as an emergency rescue dog. The rescue centre that Carly fosters for, brought Edgar to her as he was in a state and needed a loving home. He was underweight, covered in sores and cuts and infested with fleas. Carly has fostered many dogs, but Edgar has found a special place in her heart. He instantly became part of the family, giving them a new focus, to love and nurture him. Carly says they were lucky that Edgar was brought to them. Thankfully, he is now settled, loved and in much better health.

Peaches (Coventry Telegraph regional winner)

Leanne, Peaches’ owner, sadly lost her mum to cancer in March. Unable to be with family at a difficult time, Peaches has brought her family plenty of comfort and love. She has made sure to give them plenty of cuddles, as well as checking up on her family by not leaving their side. Peaches has comforted Leanne and family when they’ve laughed and cried during their time of need and to them, Peaches has been their lockdown superstar.

Groot (Stoke Sentinel regional winner)

Groot lives with his owner Rachel and makes sure to keep her company at home. He has got her out and about for their daily walkies and getting up to plenty of mischief – which keeps Rachel laughing! Rachel celebrated her birthday in lockdown, with best friend Groot there to celebrate with her.

Eddie (Mirror regional winner)

Enthusiastic Eddie has been keeping people smiling on social media, with his photos and his words of wisdom. Eddie has organised video calls with other Sealyham Terriers and their owners, to make sure they keep in touch and check in on how everyone is doing. Eddie also likes to think that he has the best moustache – we might just agree!

Dixie (Nottingham Post regional winner)

Dixie has been a great companion to the family when sadly they lost a member of the family during the lockdown. Dixie supported her owner during the sad time, giving her comfort, cuddles and distraction, whilst isolating alone. Never leaving her owner’s side, Dixie spends all her time cuddled up on her knee and giving her lots of love.

We think all dogs have been lockdown heroes during this time, but for this competition, there can only be one winner! Make sure to vote for your lockdown hero after reading their stories by clicking here.

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