We were delighted to host a photoshoot with some of our ‘pawsome’ Superfans recently. Our Superfans are amazing ambassadors for our Natural Health Support recipes and we wanted to reward them with a VIP photoshoot experience – keep an eye out on our website and social media to see these fantastic photos! Having 6 dogs in a studio is a lot of fun, and a little bit of chaos!

We had a great range of dog breeds and personalities on set, find out more about them here.


marmite the schnauzer


Breed: Schnauzer

Birthday: 16th August

Age: 7

Owner: Serena

Personality on set: Marmite was an absolute gent on set, a suave professional with one eye on those delicious meaty treats at all times

Favourite Butcher’s Recipe: Simply Gentle

Instagram handle: @marmiteschnauzer

sonny the spaniel


Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Birthday: 1st April

Age: 4

Owner: Cameron

Personality on set: Sonny had the best time making friends and showing off his Duck toy, but then was so ready for a snooze! Sonny fell asleep during his very important interview but luckily Cameron was happy to speak on his behalf.

Favourite Butcher’s Recipe: Lean & Tasty

Instagram handle: @‌sonny_snel

alert sausage dog


Breed: Dachshund

Birthday: 7th October

Age: 5

Owner: Jordan

Personality on set: Need Frankie’s attention? Then you need a tennis ball! Frankie is the world’s best ball girl and will happily chase a tennis ball ALL day.

Favourite Butcher’s Recipe: Healthy Heart

Instagram handle: @‌frankie_dottie_dachshund

dottie the dachshund


Breed: Dachshund

Birthday: 10th June

Age: 5

Owner: Jordan

Personality on set: Dottie is a slightly quieter girl than her bezzie, Frankie, but she is totally up for cuddles and posing, giving us some of the best photos from our shoot.

Favourite Butcher’s Recipe: Healthy Heart

Instagram handle: @‌frankie_dottie_dachshund

healthy chow chow dog on lead


Breed: Chow Chow

Birthday: 12th March

Age: 2

Owner: Jade

Personality on set: A really cool dude and absolute modelling superstar (have you seen that fluffy coat?!)

Favourite Butcher’s Recipe: Joints & Coat

Instagram handle: @‌thebeanandthebear_

bernie smiling


Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Birthday: 14th May

Age: 1

Owner: Jade

Personality on set: Bernie just wanted to make friends with everyone! He was particularly fond of playful Frankie despite their size difference. We loved this goofball!

Favourite Butcher’s Recipe: Joints & Coat

Instagram handle: @‌thebeanandthebear_

Watch our Superfan’s photoshoot videos on YouTube here!



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