Lockdown: one thing is for sure. Our dogs are happy that we are at home so much. With more time spent at home, for many with competing priorities like work and family, keeping our dogs happy, healthy and entertained requires a bit more creativity during lockdown. Because of limited outdoors time, most are getting one long walk a day – so our furry friends deserve some more thought for indoor (or garden) exercise and entertainment.

Jump to it

Dog’s love learning new tricks, so if your dog doesn’t already know how to jump then now would be the perfect time to teach them. Dogs learn best in short blasts of two-minute training. This can be for up to six times a day, so that’s plenty of entertainment and a fun way to exercise them in bursts.

3 steps to action jumping

Once you have mastered them learning how to jump, then you can start to have more fun…

1. Set up

To set up some jumps for your dog to practise, all you will need is two storage boxes of the same height and a plank of wood, a long stick (or even a broom or mop). Place the two storage boxes apart and lay the stick across. If you don’t have two storage boxes, try setting up a row of toilet roll or tin cans for them to practise jumping over. Both of these can be done inside the house too.

dog performing tricks in the garden

2. Tempt them to jump

Encourage your dog to jump over. At first, they may need some rewards to persuade them to hurdle over the stick. If they are not getting it, you may have to show them how it is done.

dog performing tricks in the garden

3. Take it to the next level

Once your dog has mastered jumping over the first height, keep them interested by making it slightly more challenging. Try swapping the storage boxes for two bins or chairs, or if you’re using toilet rolls or cans simply add another layer.

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of outdoor garden space, why not set up a few jumps in a row, a few feet apart, you can practise hurdling with your dog too! It can be part of an outdoor agility course, each time adapting to make it more challenging for your furry friend!

dog performing tricks in the garden

Show off your dog in action

We’d love to see you and your four-legged friends staying happy and entertained by practising your jumping. Make sure to share and tag us in your photos and videos on social media!



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