Our four-legged Superfans panel is made up of a mixture of personalities, breeds, ages and dietary needs but there’s one thing that they all have in common and that’s their love of Butcher’s!

Find out more about our four-legged Superfans, their favourite recipes and why they love Butcher’s below.


cute puppy bea

Meet Bea

A mischievous little puppy, Bea is already a big fan of our Puppy Perfect range and loves a bowlful for breakfast and dinner. Her family love it too, as it helps to support her growth and development so she can play and explore safely and happily.

dog berti out in the garden

Meet Bertie

Bertie is a lover of food and our Traditional recipes, enjoying the variety that Butcher’s has to offer. His family love the fact that Butcher’s offer grain-free food and also include beneficial oils and vegetables, as these oils help Bertie to maintain his shiny, healthy coat.

cute dog astrid

Meet Astrid

Astrid, the playful Husky, loves her daily dinner of Recipes in Jelly and gets excited when she hears the click of her Butcher’s can opening. Her family found that other brands upset Astrid’s stomach, but since discovering Butcher’s grain-free recipes, she’s been back to her usual self and ALWAYS licks the bowl clean.

cute dog sonny sitting on a bench

Meet Sonny

Sonny, a 1-year-old Cocker Spaniel, is a big fan of our Tripe tins for dinner time. After trying a number of different wet foods and even raw, Sonny has since fallen in love with our Tripe recipes that Butcher’s has to offer. His family also love that Sonny’s coat has become more glossy and soft since he started enjoying his Butcher’s!

cute puppy bailey

Meet Bailey

Bailey the Cockapoo is a big fan of our Puppy Perfect recipes. Before Butcher’s, he was eating dry food but wasn’t interested in his dinner. So his family thought they’d try him on our Puppy Perfect food and he’s had a clean bowl ever since!

dog bella playing in the garden

Meet Bella

A fan of our Simply Gentle recipes, Bella is a mischievous 2-year-old Shih Tzu Toy Poodle. Bella joined her forever home when she was one and before she had been fed leftovers leaving her underweight, so her new forever family decided to try her on Butcher’s. Bella loves to tuck into a bowl of Simply Gentle and is back to a healthy weight.

cute puppy siting outside on the grass

Meet Chunk

Chunk is a 16-week-old Cocker Spaniel, who loves our Puppy Perfect range. Chunk loves a bowlful of Butcher’s for dinner and since being fed Butcher’s, his owners have said that Chunk has is looking and doing great.

dogs riley and eva

Meet Riley and Eva

Here are Riley and Eva, a Husky cross and a Labrador cross, who are 6 and 4-years-old. They are big fans of the Lean & Tasty range and they love the Butcher’s recipes. They have both become leaner and healthier since changing from their old dog food, due to the lower fat content.

puppy labrador siting next to a box of dog food

Meet Hero

Hero is a 6-month-old Labrador who loves our Puppy Perfect range. Hero has a sensitive tummy and his owners found our range perfect for him. His family say that thanks to Butcher’s nourishing and balanced food, Hero is growing into a big lad, with a beautiful coat and is the picture of health!

dog bailey

Meet Bailey

Bailey is a 1-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who loves our Puppy Perfect range. Bailey’s family say that our recipes are good for Bailey and are helping him to grow. He used to steal his big brother’s Butcher’s Tripe food and cannot wait to have our Tripe recipes when he is older, as Bailey finds it delicious!

stanley the border terrier

Meet Stan

Stanley is a 2-year-old Border Terrier who loves our Simply Gentle recipe. After Stan tried all different brands of dog food, his owner found Butcher’s. Butcher’s is the only food that gets Stan excited for his tea, especially the salmon flavour! Stan’s owner told us that they are trying to be less wasteful and the fact that Butcher’s is a 100% recyclable is what initially drew Stan and his family to Butcher’s.

dog rosie out for a walk in the woods

Meet Rosie

A fan of our Traditional recipes, Rosie a four-year-old English Foxhound loves Butcher’s for supper. Rosie was adopted from Dog’s Trust and her family wanted to give her the best start, so they opened up a tin of Butcher’s and Rosie was straight in the kitchen waiting for her dinner. Her family thought she was going to be fussy about her food, but they were pleased Butcher’s proved them wrong!

argus the rottweiler

Meet Argus

Argus is a 2-year-old Rottweiler who loves Butcher’s Simply Gentle recipes. Butcher’s is the only wet food that Argus loves. He is a bit of a picky eater but eats Butcher’s all up – we love a clean bowl! As a puppy Argus had trouble with his tummy and was always ill, then his family came across Simply Gentle for him, since then they always recommend Butcher’s to their friends and family!

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