Our Superfan panel has been going strong for almost four years now. It’s a diverse group made of different personalities, breeds, ages, and dietary needs. However, they all share one thing in common: their love for Butcher’s! Discover more about our newest Superfans, their preferred recipes, and what makes them loyal Butcher’s enthusiasts below.


Stitch the Blue Merle Collie in a Superfan Bandana with his treats

Introducing Stitch

With striking blue eyes and snow-white fur, Stitch is a spirited and affectionate Blue Merle Border Collie. She delights in embarking on adventures with her humans, proudly displaying her beautiful teeth and tucking into a bowl Butcher’s Healthy Heart!

Dobie the cavapoo posing with Butcher's Simply Gentle

Meet Dobie

If you scroll through Dobie the Cavapoo’s Instagram feed, you’ll find her striking poses in her favourite sweaters, frolicking through puddles, and proudly flaunting her fluffy paws. Her go-to recipe? Butcher’s Simply Gentle.

Bonnie the black Labrador puppy smiling in the woods

Say Hello to Bonnie

Bonnie, one of our youngest Superfans, is a Labrador Puppy brimming with energy and enthusiasm for adventures. When she needs to refuel Butcher’s Puppy Perfect is her meal of choice!

Enzo the Atika Cross sporting his Butcher's Superfan Bandana

Meet Enzo

Enzo, the affectionate Akita Crossbreed, was rescued by his owners from Dogs Trust. He enjoys flashing his best smiles, spending quality time with his parents and tiny human sibling and chowing down on a bowl of Butcher’s Joints & Coat.

Beagles Ben and Artie in front of a lake at an old house

Introducing Ben & Artie

This adorable Beagle duo’s mischievous, loving, and curious nature truly embodies the spirit of their breed. Whether they’re rummaging through bins or lending a paw to clean ovens, they’re undoubtedly all-around good guys. And their love for Butcher’s Traditional recipes just adds to their charm!

River, Wren & Mollie the detection dogs on the beach

Meet River, Wren & Molly

This trio consists of River the Dalmatian, along with Wren and Molly the Spaniels, who all serve as Detection Dogs. Their dedicated efforts in sniffing, searching, and training are powered by Butcher’s Joints & Coat recipe, ensuring they remain at the top of their game.

Chief the Siberian Husky

Meet Chief

Chief, the younger brother of existing Superfan Astrid, is a 6-month-old Siberian Husky puppy who showers affection on his big sister through ear licks, posing for photos, napping together, and enjoying walks. Butcher’s Puppy Perfect is his recipe of choice for a healthy start in life.

Figgy the Spaniel with her tongue out

Introducing Figgy

Joining the Superfan pack as another puppy sibling is Cocker Spaniel Figgy, sister of Superfan Olive. Figgy adores giving wet kisses, going on walks with her humans and Olive, and trying out stylish harnesses. Butcher’s Puppy Perfect is her preferred meal.

Interested in joining our Superfan panel?

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