Our furry friends always seem to be happy, bounding abound and causing mischief. But did you know our dogs are happiest when they have a purpose? Many breeds of dogs were originally used to work, including hunting, protecting us and herding animals – some still have these jobs! Over time, our dogs are working less but still have their original talents. Help your dog find their purpose and keep them happy. Get those tails wagging with a new purpose!


dog sleeping with his nose in food can

Putting their noses to work

All dogs love to use their noses to sniff out interesting smells, where food may be hiding or to explore. Some breeds have such a good sense of smell, that they were used for hunting or to search for lost people or items.

Help your dog put their noses to good use, by hiding items for them to sniff out. Try hiding a treat in a different room and letting your four-legged friend roam about, using their nose to discover it. Hide and seek is also a great way to get your dog using their sense of smell. Hide in another room or if you have a large garden, find a spot outside as this would be a good way to put their nose to the test and they try to determine your scent from all the outdoors smells. Another quick and easy scent test is by hiding a treat in one of your hands and letting your dog use their nose to pick the right hand.

small dog with a book

Fetch me the paper

Dogs love to fetch, whether it is a tennis ball or a frisbee, they love to be able to bring back their toy to you. Certain dogs are trained to use their love of fetch to become assistance dogs. This makes them important and invaluable to who they are assisting, as that person may need more help in their day to day lives. Training a dog to be able to help you fetch things takes time and patience.

Make sure to adapt your training to your breed of dog, some dogs need short bursts of training else they will grow bored and impatient, whilst others can practise for longer. Train your dog to help you fetch items which they can easily carry, like shoes, their lead or their toys, you can train them to put them in their basket too, so they tidy up after themselves!


Keeping you company

All dogs love their owner’s company, but did you know some dogs were bred to specifically be companion dogs? Breeds like Pugs and Shih Tzu were bred over the years to keep us and our family company and to love us. Make sure you spend plenty of time with your dog, so you are actually fulfilling your dog’s purpose of being a companion.

Get those tails wagging with a new purpose

Giving your dog a purpose keeps them happy, as they have something to do and to keep them entertained. Dog’s love to be useful, so give them jobs to do, get them to fetch your shoes or sniff out a hidden treat. Don’t forget to tag us into snaps of your dog unlocking their sense of purpose and staying happy at home.



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