Now it seems that the glorious spring weather has arrived, it’s time to get out and about in your garden. Here are some of our top games to play in the garden to keep you and your dog mentally and physically stimulated.

Over, under and through the tunnel

Why not try and set up an obstacle course for you and your dog to practise just like our Superfan Chunk. Set up your course, using things you have around the house and garden, such as a hula hoop, some empty cardboard boxes and empty bottles. Use the bottles to weave in and out of, whilst jumping over your empty cereal boxes and through your makeshift tunnel. You can start small and expand, don’t forget to time yourself!

dog performing a trick in the garden


All of our four-legged friends love a good game of fetch! Why not try playing fetch with different size toys and balls and see who can throw the furthest. A game of fetch is perfect to keep your pup entertained, whilst providing plenty of exercise. If you have played with a tennis ball all this time, why not try with a frisbee, they are perfect for your dog to catch.

Find the treasure

If you have space, why not set up a dog treasure hunt for your dog. Hide a few of their toys and some treats for them to find, whilst they are in the house, then let them out to try and discover where they are. Once they have found all the treats, try making it a bit harder for them as they get used to their new game. This is the perfect game to test their noses, just don’t forget to tell them what a good boy or girl they are when they uncover their treats!

Tug of war

This is a game which lots of our furry friends like to play, it is the perfect game for both you and your dog to play in the garden. Tug of war is also good for teaching your dog commands and teaching them when to drop or let go – just make sure to reward them with a little treat! Here is our Superfan Chunk enjoying a game of tug of war!

dog playing outside in nature

Ball bobbing

Another game to play with your dog is ball bobbing just like our Superfan Hero. This game will be the perfect way to cool your dog down when the weather is warmer, as well as keeping your dog entertained. All you need is a big container to fill with water, like a big bucket or empty storage box. Fill with water and pop in balls that will float into the bucket or box. Your dog will enjoy collecting the balls and you can call them to you, so they bring you the balls for you to refill once the bucket is empty.

dog playing with a ball

Make the most of the spring weather and fresh air, try out some of our fun games with your dogs in your gardens to keep your dogs entertained, as well as mentally and physically stimulated. Tag us in any photos on social media or share your game ideas! #KeepTailsWagging #NourishEveryDog



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