All dogs deserve to be nourished with love and a healthy, delicious diet. As dog owners ourselves, we understand the importance of these things, not just on dogs’ physical health but on their wellbeing and behaviour too.

It’s one of the reasons we’re so passionate about giving back to dog charities across the UK via our #NourishEveryDog campaign, which we are elevating for Christmas with the 12 Dogs of Christmas.

Throughout December, we’re focussing on 12 loving dogs’ stories to show where your donations and involvement goes. We’re asking fans to comment our #NourishEveryDog campaign hashtag on the dogs’ posts each day, and we pledge to donate 10x the number of comments in meals to that dog’s charity!

Thank to your help using our hashtag on social media to raise awareness, we’ve donated over 397,066 meals. All are met with sincere gratitude from the charities as they rely so heavily on donations and volunteers.

12 Dogs of christmas

Sadly, charities tell us that malnutrition and trauma resulting in sensitive tummies are all too common in the dogs they look after, making it even more essential that dogs in their care are given nutritious meals to help with rehabilitation and finding a new forever home.

We’re pleased to report that the dogs receiving our donations are quite literally lapping it up! Our recipe ranges include natural ingredient and probiotics. They are also easy to digest for sensitive stomachs and help to boost dogs’ immune systems. These, charities tell us, are the main reasons why they love feeding their dogs Butcher’s. “Not to mention they love the taste” Michelle from DOTS London tells us. “The trouble is that some of them will now only eat Butcher’s!”

DOTS London does incredible work caring for the homeless community and their canine companions. Award-winning, open 24/7 and run solely by volunteers, including RCVS registered vets, Michelle describes our foil trays as being “ideal”, due to their handy size and nutritional value. With winter fast approaching and the weather already plummeting, DOTS London is especially grateful for donations of food and foil-lined blankets.

Christmas is a busy time of year for us all, but not least Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Home who have recently rallied together to put all paws on deck after a nearby shelter was forced to close. Taking care of over 7,000 dogs each year, Anna and the team continue to provide great rehabilitation for their dogs, citing a nourishing diet and Butcher’s donations a key part of the process.

Across the Welsh border at North Clwyd Animal Rescue, Nicky agrees, describing the positive difference in the dogs’ behaviour when on a consistent, nourishing diet. “As a charity that relies completely on donations and is continuing to grow, we’re extremely grateful to receive donations from the public and Butcher’s #NourishEveryDog campaign.”

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The genuine care for dogs’ welfare is clear to see across all of the charities. Greyhound Trust Leicestershire at White Lodge is another charity in receipt of our #NourishEveryDog donations. With many of the greyhounds forced into early retirement, Gill explained the importance of the dogs maintaining a balanced, healthy diet and exercise regime. Two things they look for in future owners, too.

Speaking of finding new owners, this year Second Chance Animal Rescue celebrated 40 years of rehoming animals and releasing wildlife back into their natural habitat once rehabilitated. A small Southampton charity supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, Rose and the team expressed their gratitude for donations from the local community and #NourishEveryDog.

Our donations are vital for charities large and small. While some depend solely on them to feed the dogs, others find themselves no longer in need of dipping into funds allocated for other things, such as repairs or improved equipment.

For example, German Shepherd Rescue Elite invests in training for owners as well as dogs residing at its shelters. With its volunteers focussed on rehoming and educating people on the breed’s requirements, Alison and the team are keen to highlight the importance of ensuring such a fun-loving dog has the right kind of diet, especially as many German Shepherds suffer from sensitive stomachs. Here, our grain-free meal donations have gone down a treat!

* * *

As much as the staff and volunteers love the dogs in their care, ultimately the end goal is to find them forever homes.

Through #NourishEveryDog, not only have we been able to donate much-needed meals to UK dog charities, but we’ve also built a community of like-minded people online who passionately care for the wellbeing of dogs across the country.

This inspired our 12 Dogs of Christmas social media campaign, through which we celebrate some of the special dogs calling the charities above home, raise awareness of the fantastic work of the charities themselves and hopefully help with their rehoming. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help spread the word.

For more information about the charities above and dogs featured in our 12 Dogs of Christmas social media campaign, please see below. You can also read more about #NourishEveryDog here: bit.ly/NourishEveryDog

Charity Contact Information

Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home

Dogs featured: Benji & Ruby

DOTS London

Dogs featured: Whiskey & Angel

North Clwyd Animal Rescue

Dogs featured: Opie & Pepper

Greyhound Trust Leicestershire

Dogs featured: Mr Chief & Rosie

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Dogs featured: Charlie & Whiskers, Maddie

German Shepherd Rescue Elite

Dogs featured: Daisy & Tommy



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