To celebrate the launch of our new Healthy Heart product range, we have conducted research into how dog owners spend their time and money on Valentine’s Day. Not just for their partner, but for their pooch!

We found that British dog owners are set to spend a whopping £300m* on celebrating Valentine’s Day with the four-legged love of their life!

‘Paw-parents’ spend an average of £30 a piece on presents for their dog, rising to £71 in Northern Ireland, where purchases include a new doggy outfit to celebrate. In our survey of 2000 dog owners, 45% spent money on their dog for Valentine’s Day. Treats, toys and dog food were the top choices to buy for their four-legged beau.


Do you spend money on your dog for Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine's Cards for dogs!

Our findings inspired us to celebrate dog owners’ love of showering their pets with gifts during this season of love by launching…a bespoke collection of Valentine’s cards designed for dogs! The collection was created in partnership with pet art brand, Purr and Mutt, and TV star, Olivia Attwood – whose gorgeous rescue dog, Lola, features in one of the designs. Each of the cards are available to buy online for just £1**, with every penny collected being donated to our Nourish Every Dog programme.

The programme supports dog homes, shelters, and rescue charities nationwide. Since starting the #NourishEveryDog campaign just three years ago, over 2 million meals have been donated to over 250 charities.

Dog 'paw-traits' inspire cards!



The idea for the Valentine’s card collection was inspired by how much the country loves to display pooch pictures around the home. The average dog owning household has eight pictures of their dog on display, and 1 in 20 has a whopping 30!


Who is your ‘paw-fect’ partner this Valentine’s?

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Dog owners worry about pet health

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The research also found that a long and healthy life is the gift dog owners would most want for their animal companions. Our  research found that 75% of dog owners are worried about their pet’s health and that a fifth are actively worried every day. Two thirds seek a food that actively supports their dog’s heart health.



Natasha Bryant, Senior Brand Manager for Butcher’s, said: “Just like us, it’s evident that food is love when it comes to our dogs. We had such fun creating this card collection and are proud that all funds collected will help dogs in need across Britain via our Nourish Every Dog charity partners. Every dog deserves naturally, nourishing food, a happy home and to be loved. 

 “Our consumer research found that 75% of dog owners are worried about their pet’s health and that a fifth are actively worried every day. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to help maintain optimum health for our dogs thanks to the development of nutritious food ranges such as Butcher’s Healthy Heart.”

A dog looking at valentines day cards

Pick your dog’s Valentine’s Day card, and support dog homes, shelters and rescue charities nationwide, by checking out our collection at Purr and Mutt.

For more information on Butcher’s Healthy Heart recipe, including stockists, please click here.

How are you spending Valentine’s with your special, furry friend? Share pictures and videos on social media using the hashtag #FoodIsLove and tag @butcherdogfood.

Find out more about our love-filled campaign at our Valentine’s Hub! 

*Based on 10M pet owners in UK and £30 average spend identified in Butcher’s survey of 2,000 British pet owners, in January 2023

**Cards must be ordered by 11th February 2023 to guarantee delivery for Valentine’s Day. 



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