Autumn walkies are for splashing in puddles, sniffing new smells, and spending more time exploring thanks to the cooler weather. It’s a paws up from our four-legged friends!

Before you pop your walking boots and coat on though, don’t forget that the seasons changing can bring new challenges to dog owners. Take a look at our 5 top tips for keeping your dog safe on autumn walkies.


5 top tips for keeping your dog safe on autumn walks

Our 5 top tips for keeping your dog safe on autumn walkies

1. Keep an eye out for slugs and snails
2. Be careful with conkers, acorns and mushrooms
3. Watch out for an anti-freeze spill
4. Make you and your dog visible
5. Freshen up after walkies

Small black dog on a walk among the autumn leaves

1. Keep an eye out for slugs and snails

We love the changing colour of the falling leaves in autumn, but for safe dog walking, keep your pup away from them. Piles of wet leaves can develop bacteria that’s harmful to your dog. Plus, they can hide infected slugs and snails that, if eaten, may put your dog at risk of Lungworm.

As well as keeping your four-legged friend away from leaves, slugs and snails, regular worming treatment will help you to keep your dog safe. Speak to your vet about worming treatment to suit your dog.

2. Be careful with conkers, acorns and mushrooms

Conkers and acorns are a sure sign of autumn for ‘hoo-mans’, but they can be toxic to dogs, cause an upset stomach and even block their airways if swallowed accidentally.

More mushrooms tend to pop up on our autumn walkies too. While not all mushrooms are toxic, mushrooms aren’t needed in your dog’s diet and it can be hard to tell which ones are safe. If your dog does eat a poisonous mushroom, their symptoms could vary from an upset stomach to being life threatening.

Our advice for safe dog walking this autumn is to keep an eye on your four-legged friend around conkers, acorns and mushrooms. Training them to “leave it” is especially important if your dog tends to pick up things they shouldn’t when out and about!

3. Watch out for an anti-freeze spill

Keeping your dog safe when winter’s approaching means looking out for anti-freeze spillages which may look like puddles. Be extra vigilant around parked cars where the owner may have spilt some or a leak may have occurred.

Anti-freeze may taste good to your four-legged friend, but it can be toxic to them, so keep them away from spillages on your walkies and store it out of paws reach at home.

If your furry friend eats or drinks any of these autumnal nasties whilst out exploring, remember to get in touch with your vet for more advice.

dog with female owner in a field

4. Make you and your dog visible

It’s important to keep your four-legged friend exercised and entertained, even when it’s cold and dark outside. This will help to keep them healthy and to maintain their weight.

As the nights get darker, making your dog visible will help to keep them safe. Try popping a reflective collar or lead on them or clip a flashing light to their collar. Don’t forget, it’s important for you to wear reflective clothing too. This will make it easier for other dog walkers and drivers to see you and your dog, reducing the chance of accidents.

Carrying a torch will also make autumnal walkies safer, but even with all the right gear, it’s best to keep your dog on the lead as it would be harder to find them if they ran off in the dark.

Our advice for keeping your dog safe on darker, autumn walks should make the experience easier and safer for you both. However, if your dog isn’t getting as much exercise as they would in the summer months, check that their diet reflects this to maintain their weight. Our Lean & Tasty range is 20% lower in fat and ‘paw-fect’ for dogs watching their weight.

Dog playing in the woods

5. Freshen up after walkies

Your fun-filled autumn walkies may leave your four-legged friend feeling a little chilly. Keep them warm and healthy by rinsing them down with clean, warm water (and shampoo if there’s been lots of splashing in muddy puddles!) and dry them thoroughly. We love Dogrobes for a quick and easy way to dry our furry friends and keep them feeling cosy.

Drying your dog off is important as it also gives you the chance to remove anything unwanted from their coat or paws that they may have picked up on their adventure outdoors.

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