Stuck for weekend plans that the whole pack can enjoy? Take our lead and visit some of our favourite dog-friendly places for a ‘paw-some’ day out.


Dog sitting next to owners who are sitting down at a dog-friendly restaurant


There’s nothing better than nourishing food and canine companionship. That’s why our favourite days out always involve finding a dog-friendly restaurant for tasty treats.

Food tastes even better after long walkies. So, if you can, walk to a dog-friendly eatery for the ultimate day out with your ‘hoo-mans’ and dogs.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing somewhere to eat with your four-legged friend. We love Lounges – they’re all over the country and provide a warm welcome to well-behaved dogs. Paws just have to stay on the floor! You can check out their Canine Code here.

Dog, Father, young child and Mother walking on a dog-friendly route


As a dog owner, many of your days out with your dog will involve walkies – much to your furry friend’s delight! Mix up your normal routine and find somewhere new to explore.

English Heritage has a selection of castles, abbeys and historic gardens across England, perfect for a day out with the whole family. You’ll enjoy the fresh air, getting your steps in and the scenic picnic spots, while your four-legged friend sniffs out all those new smells.

Be sure to check the details of the site you’re visiting so you can keep your dog safe and make the trip enjoyable for all. Many ask that your dog is kept on a lead and, of course, you’ll always need to clean up after them.

Black dog swimming in a dog-friendly pool


Exercise and have fun on your day out with your dog by making a splash! Swimming helps to keep you both happy and healthy and is ideal for those with stiff joints, whether that’s you or the dog.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a dog-friendly beach, head down to the sea for a doggy paddle.

For those a little further from the beach and conscious of the Great British weather, take the plunge and look for a dog-welcoming indoor pool that’s local to you. Indoor pools are a great place to start if your dog isn’t a confident swimmer yet.

Just remember to always be careful around water and never leave your dog unattended. Check the conditions are safe for your pup beforehand too. For example, if you’re at the beach, look out for warning signs and flags and assess the waves and tide. You can find more water safety tips here.

Two dogs running together in a dog-friendly park


If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to dog-friendly days out, chances are that your fellow pet parents are too. Why not team up and spend the day with both of your packs?

We love spending time with our friends (two-legged and four!) at a local, enclosed dog-welcoming park. It means there’s plenty of space for the furry members of the pack to safely play, and it’s a great spot for ‘hoo-mans’ to catch up and picnic, especially if the weather is nice.

A quick Google search will tell you where your nearest dog-friendly park is, and by choosing there, you’re likely to be supporting a local business too. It’s a win-win!

Alternatively, you could take the opportunity to meet new pet parents at local events that are dedicated to your dog’s breed. The Pug Café hosts events across the country for lovers of dogs, from Corgis to Cockapoos and Pugs to Dachshunds.

DogFest can be found across several locations too and, as well as hosting breed meet-ups, there’s The Big Dog Walk, celebrity guests, a dog show and much more. There’s plenty to get those tails wagging!

Dog wearing life jacket on a dog-friendly boating holiday


Sometimes you need a little more than a day out. Sometimes you need a weekend getaway. And no minibreak is complete without your four-legged friend by your side.

PetsPyjamas is the ‘paw-fect’ place to start when looking for a dog-friendly holiday. Their collection of hotels and cottages welcome dogs first and ‘hoo-mans’ second!

There’s something for everyone, from boating holidays to cottages by the sea. You and your four-legged friend are sure to have a ball.

Personally, we’re all for the hotels with a dog-welcoming spa, giving our deserving dogs the five-star treatment!



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