At Butcher’s, we’ve been making nutritious food for dogs for over 30 years. As part of our commitment to keeping dogs as happy and healthy as possible, we also take responsibility for the impact our packaging and manufacturing processes can have on the environment. Read more to find out the impact of 4 years of recyclable packaging.


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4 years of recyclable packaging

This November, we’re celebrating 4 years since we made the category-leading initiative to remove the plastic shrink-wrap from our tin multi-packs and replace it with recyclable cardboard. This has saved over 564 tonnes of plastic, [1] which is equivalent to 25.6 million plastic bottles [2] or 51,809 sausage dogs! [3]

It’s not just the cardboard we use that’s recyclable; all of our packaging is recyclable [4]. From our steel tins and foil trays to our treats packaging. Our steel tins can easily be turned into new materials like car parts, bicycles, or even more tins for Butcher’s tasty recipes!


Head office and factory improvements

We are always looking for ways to improve at our head office and factory in Northamptonshire too. Both are already energy efficient: all rainwater is collected from the roof and used to power the loos. Plus, we harness solar energy with solar panels on the roof.


1.Based on sales of 6,12,18 & 24pk tins in the last 4 years (Nov 2018-2022). Multiplied by the weight of plastic shrink that would have been used per product.

2.Based on the weight of a 22g plastic bottle.

3.Based on the average weight of a sausage dog being 24lbs.

4.Tins, foil trays and treats packaging. Treats film recyclable at soft plastic recycling points



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