Our dogs love nothing more than getting out and about. Being able to explore and sniff new and exciting smells means their walkies are most likely their favourite time of day. With spring here to stay and lockdown restrictions slowly easing, it’s time to switch up your routines, and there’s no better time than Move More Month. Whether it be hitting our 10,000 steps or trying our hand at a new sport, we want you to move more this month with your four-legged friend!

Here are our top three ways to get those tails wagging and paws moving more.


dog outside for a walk in nature

1. Explore somewhere new

Our furry friends might not be bored of their same old walking routes, but mixing up your daily routine can be a welcome change. Whether you explore a new part of town or get in the car to visit a new park, simply switching up your location will give you and your dog new smells and sights to take in.

It’s also National Parks Fortnight in April, so there’s even more reason to add discovering scenic new walking destinations to your list.  There are many dog-friendly walks within the National Parks list, and these parks are a great place to take your dog for an extended walk to let them burn off all their energy.

2. Get those feet (and paws!) moving

Why not use this month to take up a new sport? Running is a great form of exercise, not just for us humans but for some of our dogs too. Not all of our furry friends and their joints will want to run long distances, but some dogs will love to be able to bound alongside you, even if it’s just a short route around your local park. Start off by running at a slow and steady pace, then work your way up to faster speeds and longer distances. Pay attention to how your dog responds to make sure they’re enjoying it and keep a portable bowl and some water to hand as we head into warmer months. It’s important you both stay hydrated!

Top tip – You might want to try a hands-free lead whilst running with your dog.

dog running through water

3. Paddling paws

Time to cool off? Water can be a bit like Marmite with some of our furry friends loving it, whilst others much prefer dry land. However, if your dog is a lover of water, then outdoor swimming may be a great new sport for your dog to get them moving more.

Not all of our dogs can swim, so it’s important to keep a constant eye on them and ease them in gently. If they can’t swim, why not start them with a doggy life jacket and shallow water as they build up their confidence. Before long they’ll be happily paddling along and splashing about.

Swimming is a great form of exercise for your dog, it helps strengthen their heart and lungs. And not only is it a lot of fun, it’s low-impact and joint-friendly so even those who have sensitive joints may be able to enjoy the benefits.

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If you try some of these activities with your dog this Move More Month, be sure to tag us in your photos on social media. We love to hear from our pack and we may even feature your four-legged friend!



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